Low Sodium White Bread

Favorite White Bread

Sodium in off-the-shelf bread is typically about 200 mg per slice, which makes it something that Joe just can’t afford with his diet.  We have tried a few no-sodium options that we can grab in our local grocery store, but none of them are anything we want to eat with any regularity.  My solution?  I bake bread.  For those of you who love baking (like me!) this is the obvious solution.  For those of you who aren’t bread bakers, I say give this recipe a shot.  (You can even half this recipe and mix it in a bread machine if you’ve got one of those.  It works great that way.) Continue reading “Favorite White Bread”

Easy Crusty Bread - Low Sodium

Easy Crusty Bread

You know what everybody needs?  Bread.  Lots of bread.  Only problem is, there aren’t many great low sodium options when it comes to buying a great rustic loaf in the store. Enter the Low Sodium Crusty Bread – it is great as a side with stew or chili, for fancy grilled cheese, and for french toast. Oh and it will absolutely complete your breakfast because it makes the best toast.

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