Low Sodium Mashed Potatoes

Creamy Low Sodium Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes have to be one of my favorite foods, and I have been working on perfecting my mashed potato recipe since I was a teen.  I created some really great mashed potatoes, which are now (unfortunately) off limits for a low sodium diet.  But the big diet change did not mean that we had to abandon mashed potatoes entirely.  In fact, I took it as a challenge and started crafting and recrafting my recipe until I came up with this.  You get richness from the butter and a bit of tang from the sour cream (just a hint, which is essential in the perfect mashed potatoes).
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Low Sodium White Bread

Favorite White Bread

Sodium in off-the-shelf bread is typically about 200 mg per slice, which makes it something that Joe just can’t afford with his diet.  We have tried a few no-sodium options that we can grab in our local grocery store, but none of them are anything we want to eat with any regularity.  My solution?  I bake bread.  For those of you who love baking (like me!) this is the obvious solution.  For those of you who aren’t bread bakers, I say give this recipe a shot.  (You can even half this recipe and mix it in a bread machine if you’ve got one of those.  It works great that way.) Continue reading “Favorite White Bread”

Chili Cheese Omelet

Hey it’s Joe here with a super easy breakfast post.  Sticking to a low sodium diet is not that hard when you have a spouse that is a great cook and goes out of her way to find delicious food to make you, but you still get the occasional craving for foods you used to be able to eat.  Me personally?  I miss strange things like hot dogs and chili out of a can.  Camping food, or tailgate food.  That kind of stuff.  I also miss meat and cheese omelets, but breakfast meats are ridiculously high in sodium.  This chili cheese omelet will satisfy cravings and is inexpensive and easy to prepare.  Do you really need a recipe for this?  Probably not, but this recipe comes with nutritional information. Continue reading “Chili Cheese Omelet”

Low Sodium Burrito Bowls

Slow Cooked Pork Burrito Bowls

Who doesn’t love burritos?  Lose the high sodium tortilla and you can have a really great burrito bowl with the added bonus of being super adaptable for different diets.  I keep my serving low-calorie by minimizing the rice & beans, and salt eaters can simply add cheese, salsa, olives, or even guacamole.  Because it is so easy to adapt from plate to plate, I keep this recipe tucked away in my back pocket and pull it out when I need to cook for a group.

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