Low Sodium White Bread

Favorite White Bread

Sodium in off-the-shelf bread is typically about 200 mg per slice, which makes it something that Joe just can’t afford with his diet.  We have tried a few no-sodium options that we can grab in our local grocery store, but none of them are anything we want to eat with any regularity.  My solution?  I bake bread.  For those of you who love baking (like me!) this is the obvious solution.  For those of you who aren’t bread bakers, I say give this recipe a shot.  (You can even half this recipe and mix it in a bread machine if you’ve got one of those.  It works great that way.) Continue reading “Favorite White Bread”

Fire Roasted Green Chiles

Fire Roasted Green Chiles

You know those little canned green chiles that you can use in scrambled eggs, tacos, nachos, chili, and so much more?  They are one of my favorites because they are easy to keep on hand and can be tossed in oh so many foods to add something special.  Unfortunately those little wonders contain 60 mg of sodium per tablespoon.  And when you use them with the frequency (and quantities) that I do, they add up really fast.

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