Low Sodium Mashed Potatoes

Creamy Low Sodium Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes have to be one of my favorite foods, and I have been working on perfecting my mashed potato recipe since I was a teen.  I created some really great mashed potatoes, which are now (unfortunately) off limits for a low sodium diet.  But the big diet change did not mean that we had to abandon mashed potatoes entirely.  In fact, I took it as a challenge and started crafting and recrafting my recipe until I came up with this.  You get richness from the butter and a bit of tang from the sour cream (just a hint, which is essential in the perfect mashed potatoes).
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Easy Low Sodium Sides

Hey guys!  A quick break from recipes here to tell you a little bit about some of our favorites sides.  The simplest meals that I make consist of a lean protein (like grilled chicken breasts), some fresh veggies, and another (usually starchy) side.  Here are three of our favorites.

1RICE.  Rice is naturally sodium-free, which makes it a great addition to a low sodium diet.  You can keep it simple by cooking it normally and tossing it with a little butter when you serve it.  Or you can dress it up a little by cooking it in a no salt-added broth and tossing in some sliced green onion to serve.


PASTA.  Most pasta is sodium-free and very versatile, which is why it is a staple in our pantry.  Make sure to double check the sodium content, and be wary of specialty pastas like gnocchi, ravioli, and tortellini.  Cook your pasta normally and toss with butter and parsley.  Or add a sprinkle of garlic powder.  You could also toss in a tablespoon or two of a lower sodium pesto (such as DeLallo Simply Pesto, which I use in the Pesto & Goat Cheese Chicken).  Another great option is to mince garlic and sautee it in butter until the garlic is toasted and the butter starts to brown; stir the garlic and butter into the cooked pasta.

3POTATOES.  Potatoes are low in sodium (about 15 mg in an 8-ounce potato) and are very filling.  Try adding them to a weeknight meal by baking the potatoes, boiling them, or frying with your favorite aromatics.   Add some sour cream or butter to dress them up a bit and top with black pepper or chives.  If you are looking for something with a little more oomph, try Twice Baked Potatoes or Easy Baked French Fries.

Eat well!