Our Story

My name is Kathy.  My husband’s name is Joe.  We are newlyweds (woo hoo).  We created this space as a way to share recipes, tips, and tricks for living with a low sodium diet.  Wanna know how we got here?  Read on.

fancy Joe and Kathy
All dolled up on our wedding day

A few years back, we both had what I would call the average American diet – high fat, high sodium, and delicious.  I have always loved to cook and would dive into recipes, recreating many as I went along.  When 2014 rolled around, I found myself about 35 pounds overweight and unhappy about it.  Ready to make a change, I revamped my diet, focusing on higher protein and lower calories.  I had a great handle on how to make some of my old favorites taste delicious, and I found many great low calorie blogs and other resources online to help me on my journey.

Then my husband was diagnosed with some kidney things.  Kidney things aren’t fun, and in his case, required a major change in diet.  Turns out all that sodium was not good for his kidneys and he needed to cut way back.  So… I was left with many delicious, family-friendly, low-calorie recipes that also happened

Joe and Kathy Camping
Definitely not dolled up

to be very high in sodium.  Being the gal that I am (and lover of all things kitchen), I took this as a challenge.  How could I make this low sodium food taste good?   How could I make this low sodium food please the palate of a tween?

And here we are, a couple of years later.  I have a stack of favorite meals I make, tweaks and tips I use daily, and pantry staples for the low sodium diet.  This blog is a way for me to share that stack with you.

♥ Kathy + Joe